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Karine Vanasse is an award winning actress and producer from Québec.

Karine first came to prominence in the award winning 1999 film, Emporte-Moi (Set Me Free). Since then, she has continued her rise in the industry, appearing in the acclaimed productions Séraphin: un homme et son péché, Ma fille, mon ange (My Daughter, My Angel) and the award-winning Polytechnique, the latter she not only acted in but also produced.

Cut to 2011 where we find Karine appearing in the ABC Sunday night drama Pan Am.

Huge thanks to Karine for taking time out to answer some questions about her experiences in Quebec and abroad.


Pan Am

Is the preparation different when you have scenes where more than one language is involved?

With more than one language, I find it automatically adds colour to the scene. It breaks the rhythm for a few seconds, I love it!

What is your favourite aspect of the Pan Am era? Music, fashion, etiquette?

All of them, they all lead to the next. Because the etiquette goes one way, it allows fashion to be more restrictive because of how we move.


General Questions

Does the style between Canadian and French productions differ a lot?

I’ll have to work on more French productions to see the differences.

How has your experience working in English-speaking productions compared to French productions?

I called my mother “maman” when I was a child, so as an example when I say “mother” it doesn’t resonate the same way as in French. The words themselves take me some place else.

Which do you find harder to do, comedy or drama?

I’ve never had a chance to really do comedy, but I would say comedy. I would love to do more comedy actually!

You’ve produced the award-winning Polytechnique, any plans to produce more projects? Such as Paul à Québec?

Yes, Paul à Québec is moving in the right direction! Hopefully, next year we will get closer to turning it into the movie we have in mind.

Are you interested in going into writing and directing?

I can’t see how I could achieve that, I respect and admire those who do a great job at it too much! I wish I could… We’ll see 🙂

Since you’ve dabbled in music in the past, are there any plans to record an album?

That too, I wish I could! 🙂

You’ve starred in film, television, plus voiceover work and appeared on stage to name a few, do you have a favourite medium?

One thing is for sure, I love to be surrounded by a crew (technicians, camera crew…), I love the thrill of live interviews and the stress and solitude I feel when doing voiceover. We hear everything behind that microphone, you can’t hide anything!

Recommendation time: what is the must-see place for people visiting Québec for the first time?

I would say Quebec city (old part) and Ile d’Orleans which are right next to another. And Charlevoix, beautiful places…


Thanks again to Karine and don’t forget to tune into Pan Am, Sunday at 10pm ET on ABC.


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