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Kal Parekh Interview

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Kal Parekh is best known, as Sanjeev on the ABC drama “Pan Am” but in this interview, as you will see there is more to Kal than just acting. Thanks again to Kal for taking time out to answer a few questions for the site.

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Pan Am

1. Your character, Sanjeev has become a cult figure on the show. How do you feel about this?

I was very excited and grateful to book this unique role, however small it maybe. But when I found out that most of the audience was not only welcoming of Sanjeev but also wanted to see more of him, it was very exciting and reassuring. That even with minimal screen time a character can make an impression on people. It’s very cool!

2. Apart from being a cult-figure, Sanjeev is also known as the king of one-liners – do you have a favourite?

Yes there is a line, that never made the pilot but it was in the trailer. You can figure it out yourself. It’s not the best line, but it’s the first time I got a laugh from the crew and that moment was memorable for me.  I really wanted that in the pilot but the whole scene was scrapped.

General Questions

3. Your background includes being an artist and a dancer. Was there a particular reason why you extended your talents into acting?

I see all three as a natural progression in my life. I was always drawn to anything that involved a creative process. Dancing opened me up to being comfortable in front of people and on stage, which eventually and inevitably, led to acting.

4. Disney has been mentioned as an inspiration of yours. Are there any other artists that have inspired you when drawing, painting or in animation?

Yes Disney’s work is what initially drew me to animation, but I love the works of Miyazaki, Dali and Escher among others.

5. In regards to your dancing background, is there any knowledge or piece of advice that you pass onto those who are trying to break into the industry?

I still don’t know how dancing became such a huge part of my life. I just started doing it one day and ended up performing everywhere from universities to stage shows on both coasts.

I never took classes so I wouldn’t be the best person to give advice on dancing. Two things I can tell you is work with as many choreographers as possible and practice, practice, practice your heart out before stepping onto that stage.  Dancing is so liberating and requires great discipline.  I have tremendous respect for those who dedicate their entire life to it.

6. Have you noticed any major differences when working in Hindi productions, big budget and independent films?

On Hindi films everyone just wants to get things done, if they don’t take breaks on time they’re okay with it, they want to finish the shot and keep moving.  Big Budget films it’s a little bit more relaxing, for obvious reasons. Things are very systematic and everyone does their best to be punctual about everything. (Of course, that never happens.)  Indie films fall somewhere in the middle. Things are a little more chaotic but they do their best to accommodate the actors. In short, the budget has a lot to do with it and if it’s a Union film or not.

7. As an extension of being a script editor on Karma Road, are you interested in going into writing and directing?

I started out in animation, where I wrote, animated and edited my own short film, so yes I would like to eventually go in the writing and directing as well. I write poems and short stories time to time, but my focus is mainly acting at this time.

8. You’ve worked in different mediums including print advertising – do you have a favourite?

Print work is interesting; I still can’t figure it out.  You do hundreds of shots in all different poses and they pay you a whole bunch of money for it. Great, sign me up! I love working with different photographers and seeing how they work. Photography is another medium I recently became excited about. I’m very grateful for the print work; it gets me through the tough times when I’m not booking acting work.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to plug?

I will be co-starring in an episode of Gossip Girl, it airs in January 2012. I will also be working on an episode of “Blue Bloods” which will air in February. I have a film coming out in 2012, but I will let you know the details when I know.

10. Is there one place in the world that you would like visit and haven’t done so yet?

The list of places I would like to visit is very long but if I had to pick one, it would be Italy! Everything I hear sounds amazing. The architecture, the tremendous art culture, works of masters like Da Vinci and, Michelangelo and don’t get me started on the food.

Pan Am airs on ABC on Sunday 10/9c.

Gossip Girl airs on CW on Monday 9/8c

Blue Bloods airs on CBS on Friday 10/9c



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