The Trial: Night with the Actors Recap

The Sydney Theatre Company production of The Trial held its Night with the Actors on September 27, 2010 at Wharf 1 Theatre.

Below is a recap of the post-performance Q&A.

Tom Wright chaired the Q&A session for the evening.

On the play:

Tom Wright:

20th Century legacy with a Woody Allen-esq type production. It has psychological and political elements which are brought out.

On the book / research for the role:

Ewen Leslie:

He had read the book and seen Orson Welles film as research for role.

On being on stage the whole time:

Ewen Leslie:

Usually you can work off the audience’s energy but in this production you don’t, instead there’s a downward spiral. It is easier for actors to work through it instead of the audience who are left with questions. The revolving stage took a while to get use to.

On the piece itself:

John Gaden:

The piece is timeless but finding the balance between pain, fear and humour is hardest part of piece. This is due to a lot of the novel is inside the head of main character and when it was adapted it loses some of its flow. The last monologue (parable) is hard because his memory is gone (laughter).

On the character of glass that is smashed throughout the play and the character of Lenny:

Belinda McClory:

You can eat the props, since it is sugar glass that is used. Lenny is played by two people to show when his mind is going or doubting people.

On the narrative:

Ewen Leslie:

Narrative is two steps ahead of Joseph. The ending is ambiguous as to whether he kills himself or that everything has led to his death.


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