The Maids – Night with the Actors

Sydney Theatre Company held their Audi Night with the Actors for “The Maids” on July 1.

Below are some of tidbits from the Q&A.

Note this is not the full transcript (as opposed to the Subscriber Briefing).

Rehearsals and the text:

Blanchett: It wasn’t until the rehearsals we didn’t have a really have an idea we played maids

Debicki: I concur

Huppert: Collaboration. There is a form, shape and a lot of freedom in the rehearsals.

Changes along the way (from previews until now) – throwing clothes over the place

Debicki: That’s because I’m getting fitter, I’m throwing them faster

Upton: It always the performance to grow over a six week or longer run

Any plans to tour the production?

Upton: With the busy schedules no plans at the moment.

Length of the play (went from 1 hr 30 mins to 1 hr 50 mins)

Upton: When programming, we go onto Google and see how long the play is

Blanchett: Is that right? *laughs*

Upton: We take a rough stab in the dark. Benedict and I talked about it and he thought it’d be somewhere between 1 hr 30 mins or 1 hr 50 mins it was around 1 hr 45 mins. The play is a short script (40 pages) but very dense.

Why did you want to do the play?

Huppert: It’s an ensemble, the partners, director, it’s a whole lot of things that make you attracted to the project. It’s a big occasion for an actress, it’s a great role even though there’s a lot of violence to the play.

Debicki: I wasn’t very familiar with the play before, I had read it but for me it was the chance to work with Isabelle, Cate and Benedict. Being in the rehearsal room and learning so much. There’s a lot of watching (since I’m only on stage for approximately 30 minutes). The Mistress is between, pain and grit. It’s really hard to not take it home with you. I enjoy myself every night.

Blanchett: Working with Isabelle pus the set designer, lighting designer, Benedict again. I personally do not think about the role until the last possible night (usually the night before). Usually ask the question WTF am I doing this? *laughs* Isabelle had the crazy idea to swap roles. Great idea until we started shitting our pants. It’s about the conversation and it’s not until you get into the theatre where you make the final connection and is bounced back from you guys (audience).

What would you keep from the play?

Blanchett: The wardrobe

Debicki: Nothing, she’s a pretty horrible person

Huppert: Nothing


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