Remembering Packed to the Rafters…

6 years ago a little show started filming. It was “Packed to the Rafters”. It premiered on 26 August 2008 on Seven Network.

As we get ready to say goodbye to the show which has been the #1 Australian Drama for five years, I thought I’d look back at the pilot and based on that episode alone, state where I wanted the characters to end up by the series finale (and yes I have watched all the episodes, so some of these may not have eventuated in the long run).

Tune into the series finale of Packed to the Rafters on Seven Network at 8:45pm tonight.

How I wanted the series to end:

  1. All three children to find themselves in a happy place.
  2. Ben and Mel to get together.
  3. Rachel to get off drugs, away from Daniel happy.
  4. Ted to find some kind of happiness after Louise’s death.
  5. Julie and Dave to have a successful business.
  6. Not in the pilot but a few episodes later, Chrissy and Carbo to get together (how I loved that damn pairing) in the first season.

Three major reasons that drew me into the show:

  1. Family drama a lot of people could relate to – still living at home with parents, family dramas, etc.
  2. It was based in our area. When I saw those shots of Carss Park, Gannons Park, the main street in Oatley, those enormously beautiful trees in Mortdale and (in episode 2 or 3) the Chivers Hill shops in my suburb Lugarno I was reeled in hook, line and sinker.
  3. Fan of the senior members of the cast already and I also had seen Hugh Sheridan and Jessica Marais as part of the STC Cabaret the year before the show debuted.

Did You Know:

  • When they were scouting locations, there was actually a house in Oatley that was considered but due to the owners plus the Council (damn you Hurstville Council) they ended up passing on it and Seven went to Concord for the “Rafters” house.




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