Australian Drama so far in 2013

Usually I save this until the end of the year but if all goes to plan I’ll be going overseas next week so I thought I’d do it now instead.

So apologies for the raves/gushing that is about to follow.

Setting aside the dud Reef Doctors (even though it had a fantastic cast), I have to say this year we’ve had some great Australian dramas air in 2013.

The fact it’s been so damn diverse as well, is what makes it so watchable. This year we’ve seen 1920s with Underbelly, 1950s with A Place to Call Home and The Doctor Blake Mysteries and set today have been House Husbands, Packed to the Rafters, Time of Our Lives and Offspring. Plus not to forget the dramedy Mr. & Mrs. Murder that saw Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart reunited from their Newstopia days.

Not to mention the Australian drama we’ve still got to come that are in post-production. They include¬†Wonderland, Puberty Blues, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat Street, Rake, Power Games, Carlotta, Love Child just to name a few.

When it comes to popular awards the death of Patrick on Offspring has thrown weight behind another Gold Logie to Asher Keddie, but don’t discount Packed to the Rafters, which had a very strong season. It’s one year where the latter could find themselves in contention in the outstanding awards for the dementia storyline they did with Michael Caton’s character Ted.

In the male categories from the first half of the year, look for Craig McLachlan as the steely Doctor Blake and Caton for Rafters to feature as contenders.

In the female categories from the first half of the year, even though Asher Keddie was fantastic in the final two episodes, look for A Place to Call Home and also A Time of Our Lives and also Rebecca Gibney for Packed to the Rafters to be in major contention there. But right now the frontrunner must be Kat Stewart who each week has hit it out of the ballpark with her portrayal of Billie in Offspring.

Of course after the rest of the series have aired the predictions will most likely change again. But isn’t it fantastic to see such a strong year for Australian drama?


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