Time to share a story.

Time to share a story.

I attended the world premiere of The Answer Man (previously known on The Black List as The Dream of the Romans) back at Sundance in 2009.

I had been following the film from pre-production to final version so afterwards I approached director John Hindman to sign a copy of the sides that had been put online for the film.

When I was waiting a tall man went up to John and started talking to him, I stood away while they talked, but it was Edward Herrmann. Lauren was in NYC prepping for Guys and Dolls at the time and he went to the festival to show his support for her film (plus Jeff Daniels since he had worked with him in Cairo in the 80s) at the festival. So he and John were talking about her and the film in general.

Just a small random story to share during this time.

Edward Herrmann you’ll be missed, you were one hell of an actor and a wonderful person too.


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