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Hush Review

Hush is a documentary on abortion directed by Punam Gill. Unlike previous documentaries on the topic, this one states from the beginning, how there are two sides to the argument, pro-life and pro-choice. Both sides of the story are given a voice throughout the documentary. Ultimately it looks at the science and effect on women and not the point of view individuals are coming from.


Each year, approximately 40-50 million women have abortions every year, that equates to 125,000 each day or 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their life time in North America.


The documentary in particular focuses on how some people are not given the full information about an abortion and the risks involved before having the procedure done, stating ‘there’s nothing to worry about’ when I t could potentially result in cervical and uterus damage, hysterectomies, haemorrhaging, increased risk of breast cancer. The link between abortion and breast cancer is emphasised throughout the documentary and how there is a 30% increase risk of breast cancer for those with abortion history. A number of statistics are highlighted through the documentary, one that stood out is how people will dispute the connection between abortion and cancer, but will not dispute the connection between premature birth and cancer.


There is a general discrepancy between the medical community, political community and social community. A number of specialists who are in the medical industry who participated in the documentary stated that there are no long-term consequences for reproduction and psychological effects involved with abortions.


A couple of things that impressed me with this documentary is, even though the director / narrator stated from the start her bias on the topic, she still gave an even spread in terms of weighing pro-choice and pro-life point of views and also did not just focus on United States of America, but sporadically mentioned how it was an universal issue and affected more than one country.


Regardless if you are pro-choice or pro-life, Hush is an interesting documentary to watch on the issue of abortion and its connection to breast cancer.


Official Site: Hush the Film


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