Sundance Recap

Almost six months ago I attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Due to some health issues I couldn’t do the reviews I wanted to do about the Festival until now. People have asked me what were your favourite films at the Festival?

Three absolutely stood out for me, that I keep thinking about to this day, while another I’m hoping to see again since it was a little gem.

The three that are constantly on my mind are OJ: Made in America (ESPN 30 for 30 documentary), The Bad Kids and Little Men. Three different types of films but all great in their own way. The other little gem that I hope to see again is Between Sea and Land.

The O.J. documentary in particular you would have heard a lot about, and it deserves all the positive reviews it has received. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen ESPN put together with their 30 for 30 instalments. When I went in to watch the documentary, I honestly thought eh I’ll stay for the beginning if I like it I’ll continue, but since you had to attend the first part to get into the second part, I thought I’d give it a shot. It went beyond expectations and gave a different take on what we know about the story of what happened but at the same time it is objective and neutral.

As I work in the university sector, The Bad Kids was one that I can relate to a hell of a lot. It gave an insight of looking at giving those students a last chance to try to get a high school diploma or fall into the cracks.

Little Men and Between Sea and Land. Two totally different films, but the performances in those were outstanding. Beautiful adult performances in Between Sea and Land, while the children in Little Men steal the film, which is a massive positive since the film weighs heavily on the chemistry of the actors and their performances.


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