The Black Dog

I have addressed in the past that I suffer anxiety and depression (something that has become more prevalent in today’s society).

After addressing the situation and thinking I had everything under control, I was hit for six back in September when a mini-relapse occurred. To make matters worse, I suffered a massive case of heat exhaustion whilst overseas. It was a tough period to get through, but compared to what others face in life, mine was miniscule.

The reason I am sharing this now is due to the ongoing effects of heat exhaustion (which might I add has been hard to control over Summer) I have had to take a massive back step in this site of late. All the changes that were due to be done around September ended up not eventuating and thus I ended up being over six months behind with my restructuring plans.

So the restructuring plans are definitely coming, they just won’t be done all at once as originally planned and will be implemented throughout the year instead.


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