Television Musings Throughout The Ages – That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show (from a teenager’s POV)

That ’70s show is an American comedy for teenagers and anyone older. Containing sexual and drug references, 6 teenagers and their parents provide the audience with hilarious lines and jokes. It is a TV show where you just sit back, relax and laugh for 20mins. Set in the 70’s, these teenagers live in Wisconsin and spend most of their time in Eric Foreman’s (main character) basement thinking about school, parents, and the future, while dealing with relationship and social drama. Fez in one of the main characters, and is a foreign exchange student that loves the American lifestyle, and has a killer accent. Michael Kelso is the ‘dumb’ one of the group who gets all the girls and constantly pulls pranks on the others. Steven Hyde is the troublemaker of the group who becomes Eric’s unofficial adopted brother. Jackie Burkhart is the youngest of the 6 that comes from a wealthy background and is known to be quite vain, and has a ‘complicated’ relationship with Kelso. Donna Pinciotti is the last of the 6, and is interested in Eric. She often acts as the more mature teenager, although does find herself getting in trouble later on in the show.

From a thirtysomethibng POV

I watched That ’70s Show when it first aired and revisited it recently. I remember at the time watching it and loving that it made fun of the time period it was set in. The episodes that linked to things such as Star Wars were the absolute highlights for the show. It is a show however that did become dated after a number of viewings, unlike some of the other sitcoms that aired around the same time. In particular when they kept on going back to smoking pot scenes, at times did become repetitive. Still the most interesting thing to highlight is which cast members became more prominent years later as opposed to during the show’s successful run.


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