Australian Drama so far in 2013

Usually I save this until the end of the year but if all goes to plan I’ll be going overseas next week so I thought I’d do it now instead.

So apologies for the raves/gushing that is about to follow.

Setting aside the dud Reef Doctors (even though it had a fantastic cast), I have to say this year we’ve had some great Australian dramas air in 2013.

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Q & A with David Lawrance

For the past five years ‘Packed to the Rafters’ was Australia’s Number 1 drama. The show finished its run last month with a fitting finale. David Lawrance, a script editor during the show’s run has been kind enough to do a Q&A for this site. He talks about the show, script writing in general and what it’s like to get into the mindset of a late 40s woman.

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Remembering Packed to the Rafters…

6 years ago a little show started filming. It was “Packed to the Rafters”. It premiered on 26 August 2008 on Seven Network.

As we get ready to say goodbye to the show which has been the #1 Australian Drama for five years, I thought I’d look back at the pilot and based on that episode alone, state where I wanted the characters to end up by the series finale (and yes I have watched all the episodes, so some of these may not have eventuated in the long run).

Tune into the series finale of Packed to the Rafters on Seven Network at 8:45pm tonight.

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Packed to the Rafters returns tonight on Seven Network

It’s been away for over 7 months but Packed to the Rafters returns to Australian television tonight on Seven Network at 8:45pm after My Kitchen Rules.

The episode tonight picks up from where the mid-season break ended.

Small recap of where we left off mid-season:

  • Julie forgave Dave for his drunk kiss with Frankie
  • Frankie returned to work for Dave as did Coby
  • Ben and Emma are thinking of buying a farm together
  • Carbo and Retta are now married and found out that Retta is pregnant
  • Ted is showing signs of memory less (forgetting things)
  • Jake has started a relationship with Sian

Packed to the Rafters returns February 14 at 8:30pm


Australia’s favourite family drama Packed to the Rafters is back – the new season premiering on Valentine’s Day, February 14, at 8.30pm. Continue reading

Packed to the Rafters – Season Premiere + Sydney Film Festival

Packed to the Rafters returned to Australian television screens tonight with a pretty solid two hour episode which involved all the characters on the show.

My full Sydney Film Festival recap is coming at the end of the week – it was delayed due to some personal issues. And it has a great Rafters anecdote in there which I’ll share in the recap.