Sydney Film Festival – My Film Rankings

For some reason real life meant I couldn’t post the rankings I gave these films earlier… but here goes nothing.

My film rankings from the movies I viewed at the Sydney Film Festival (2010).

  • Yo Tambien (Me Too) 5/5 – Favourite of the festival (and so far #1 film of 2010) with top-notch performances especially by Lola Duenas.
  • Home By Christmas 4.5/5 – brilliant doco-drama – some of the footage I could relate to because of where it took place.
  • Kawasaki’s Rose 4/5 – very well crafted Czech Republic film (their submission for the Oscars) where you just watch as all the pieces fall into place.
  • The Kids Are All Right – 4/5 – top performances, indie film of 2010 so far and Bening in particular gives a potentially Oscar winning performance.
  • The Tree 4/5 – Australia-French co-production which delves into the how people cope when a loved one dies – look out for Morgana Davies to have a bright future ahead of her.
  • The Loved Ones 4/5 – little Aussie horror film which didn’t ignite the box office in Australia when it opened, but Robin McLeavy is an absolute stand out in this.
  • White Material 4/5 – Huppert could get a Cesar nomination for her performance in this – very dark film that shows the racial divisions in Africa.
  • How I Ended This Summer 3.5/5 – Russian film which has picked up deserved awards – the cinematography in particular is stunning, a bit slow at times.
  • South Solitary 3/5 – a film that could have been done better – it was a film of two Acts, like Summer was slow at times but did have good cinematography.
  • Uncle Boonmee Recalls Past Lives 2.5/5 – not sure if it was because of the time of day I saw this film but I could just not get into it and don’t get me wrong usually these types of films I love.
  • Four Lions 2/5 – I laughed with it when watching but on reflection did not like it at all.


Packed to the Rafters – Season Premiere + Sydney Film Festival

Packed to the Rafters returned to Australian television screens tonight with a pretty solid two hour episode which involved all the characters on the show.

My full Sydney Film Festival recap is coming at the end of the week – it was delayed due to some personal issues. And it has a great Rafters anecdote in there which I’ll share in the recap.

Sydney Film Festival Recap

My 2010 Sydney Film Festival Recap.

My favourite films of the festival was Me, Too (Yo Tambien) followed by The Loved Ones and Home By Christmas.

Due to Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, I will never be able to look or think about catfish the same way ever again.

Have totally mixed feelings about that film.

So far, my favourite film of the Sydney Film Festival has been The Loved Ones followed by The TreeSouth Solitary and Uncle Boonmee. Got a whole heap of screenings on the weekend to come.

Sydney Film Festival

2010 Sydney Film Festival is coming up in June.

These are the films I’m listed to see

  • South Solitary (Opening Night)
  • Boy
  • Four Lions
  • Home By Christmas
  • How I Ended This Summer
  • I Killed My Mother
  • Me, Too
  • The Loved Ones
  • The Tree
  • Wasted On The Young
  • White Material
  • The Kids Are All Right (Closing Night)
For information about the films that will be part of the Sydney Film Festival go to their website at: