Stars Shine at 2nd AACTA Awards Ceremony in Sydney

Stars Shine at 2nd AACTA Awards Ceremony in Sydney
Watch the show tonight on Network Ten at 9:30pm

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Packed to the Rafters returns tonight on Seven Network

It’s been away for over 7 months but Packed to the Rafters returns to Australian television tonight on Seven Network at 8:45pm after My Kitchen Rules.

The episode tonight picks up from where the mid-season break ended.

Small recap of where we left off mid-season:

  • Julie forgave Dave for his drunk kiss with Frankie
  • Frankie returned to work for Dave as did Coby
  • Ben and Emma are thinking of buying a farm together
  • Carbo and Retta are now married and found out that Retta is pregnant
  • Ted is showing signs of memory less (forgetting things)
  • Jake has started a relationship with Sian

My Kitchen Rules Series 4 Premiere Rules!

My Kitchen Rules Series 4 Premiere Rules!

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The series 4 premiere of Seven’s hit home-cooking
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Rake DVD

Series Two of Rake comes out on DVD in Australia on 7 November.

Just a mini-review:

  • The second series probably wasn’t at the top quality of the first series, well that was until the second series finale. The finale is one of the best Rake episodes to air and is on par with the standard of Series One. When the episode ends, you straight away will say, “but what happened to ***** and *****?” (and no the asterisks have no meaning as to whom I am referring to)
  • The DVD Extras are a major highlight on the DVD – the Blooper Reel and Behind the Scenes in particular are great.

Episodes Rating: 4 out of 5.

DVD Features: 4.5 out of 5


Puberty Blues – DVD Review

The finale of ‘Puberty Blues’ airs tomorrow in Australia and it is a fantastic end to the series.

I’ve had a chance to view the finale and am looking forward to doing a re-watch in marathon format (as opposed to week by week format) shortly to see if my opinion of the show changes at all. I will say that in my opinion, the show loses nothing in its transition to DVD, especially when showcasing some locations, such as the ocean/beach scenes.

There are some extras on the DVD including the screen tests of Ashleigh, Brenna and Sean for their respective parts in the series.

The series comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Thursday.

Packed to the Rafters returns February 14 at 8:30pm


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Full List of Winners – 53rd TV Week Logie Awards (Spoilers)

List of Winners at 53rd TV Week Logie Awards (Spoilers)

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