Television Musings Throughout the Ages – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl (from a Teenager’s POV)

Gossip Girl is an American Drama series, following the lives of young, popular, New York upper-class adolescents. Gossip Girl is someone that exposes scandalous acts and heartaches experienced by the privileged young adults on an online blog. This series stars Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen and Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf. Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford are the actors of the 3 major male love interests in Gossip Girl. The Humphreys; Dan, Jenny and Rufus (played by Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley and Matthew Settle) are the only family that live in Brooklyn, New York, and are widely associated with the van der Woodsens; Serena, Eric and Lily (played by Blake Lively, Connor Paolo, and Kelly Rutherford). Relationships both loved and hated by viewers, family issues, and social dramas are explored in this engaging, dramatic and comical series.


Television Musings Throughout The Ages – That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show (from a teenager’s POV)

That ’70s show is an American comedy for teenagers and anyone older. Containing sexual and drug references, 6 teenagers and their parents provide the audience with hilarious lines and jokes. It is a TV show where you just sit back, relax and laugh for 20mins. Set in the 70’s, these teenagers live in Wisconsin and spend most of their time in Eric Foreman’s (main character) basement thinking about school, parents, and the future, while dealing with relationship and social drama. Fez in one of the main characters, and is a foreign exchange student that loves the American lifestyle, and has a killer accent. Michael Kelso is the ‘dumb’ one of the group who gets all the girls and constantly pulls pranks on the others. Steven Hyde is the troublemaker of the group who becomes Eric’s unofficial adopted brother. Jackie Burkhart is the youngest of the 6 that comes from a wealthy background and is known to be quite vain, and has a ‘complicated’ relationship with Kelso. Donna Pinciotti is the last of the 6, and is interested in Eric. She often acts as the more mature teenager, although does find herself getting in trouble later on in the show.

From a thirtysomethibng POV

I watched That ’70s Show when it first aired and revisited it recently. I remember at the time watching it and loving that it made fun of the time period it was set in. The episodes that linked to things such as Star Wars were the absolute highlights for the show. It is a show however that did become dated after a number of viewings, unlike some of the other sitcoms that aired around the same time. In particular when they kept on going back to smoking pot scenes, at times did become repetitive. Still the most interesting thing to highlight is which cast members became more prominent years later as opposed to during the show’s successful run.

Television Musings Throughout The Ages – Full House

Full House (from a teenager’s POV)

Full House is a great TV show for anyone especially families. After Michelle (baby), DJ (10), and Stephanie’s (5) mother dies, Jesse (their uncle), and Danny’s (father) best friend Joey live with them to help Danny raise the 3 girls. Throughout the show, there a many morals taught which is good for younger audiences, although it may be more bothersome to older audiences. Michelle is played by both the Olsen twins and is a humorous and cute character ever since the start if the show. Stephanie is also quite funny and has a perky personality. She was a very curious character and tended to be the “goody too shoes” at the beginning of the show, although she later found herself to be confused about her social life. DJ was the most responsible of the 3, although she often got mad at her father for the restrictions he gave her, and his interest in her life. Overall, Full House is a very watchable show (directed towards families and children) as it is funny, family loving, and promotes wholesome family values.

Television Musings Throughout The Ages – Introduction

When thinking about how to launch this new section of my site, I had to decide whether to do an overload of television comments at once or segment them. In the end I went with segmenting them.

So every fortnight a different television show will be discussed… it will be identified who is making the comments, whether the person is in their teens, thirties or older in age. Those in their thirties will not only express what it is like watching the show now, but may include if their opinion has changed from when the television show originally aired.

Each fortnight the perspective may change, so some weeks only the person in their thirties will review the show, while other weeks, multiple perspectives will be posted. In the case of the latter, look for the different perspectives to be posted throughout the week and not all at the beginning of the week.

A big thing about this section is commenting, so feel free to raise your thoughts about the television shows in question and whether or not your opinion has changed over the years about them.

So as they say, here goes nothing!