The Black Dog

I have addressed in the past that I suffer anxiety and depression (something that has become more prevalent in today’s society).

After addressing the situation and thinking I had everything under control, I was hit for six back in September when a mini-relapse occurred. To make matters worse, I suffered a massive case of heat exhaustion whilst overseas. It was a tough period to get through, but compared to what others face in life, mine was miniscule. Continue reading

The Litchfield Six – credit Roadshow Entertainment

THE LITCHFIELD SIX Doughnut Time and Roadshow Entertainment combine to produce a Guilty

Pleasure in honour of Orange Is The New Black.

To celebrate the release of the third season of Orange Is The New Black (now available on Blu-ray and DVD), Doughnut Time and Roadshow Entertainment have teamed up to create a limited edition six pack of guilty pleasures (ahem) – The Litchfield Six.

The Litchfield Six, a limited edition six-pack created by Doughnut Time for Roadshow, features custom doughnuts inspired by each character. The doughnuts feature an orange vanilla-cream glaze (a reference to the iconic prison jumpsuit) topped with royal icing, sugar flowers and novelty chocolates.

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Q&A with Colette Freedman

Q&A with Colette Freedman

Colette Freedman is an author who received acclaim when her play Sister Cities became a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008. Since then she has adapted the play into a film version of the same name, written novels for both adults and young adults, and has a number of upcoming projects in the works, not to mention her love for pottery. Colette was kind enough to participate in a Q&A for the site and I thank her for her time. 
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Seven Unveils Major Live and Free Sports Streaming Commitment

Seven unveils major new commitment to expanding the delivery of major live and free sports

40 days of live and free major international sports on your mobile and other devices

Seven continues development and evolution as it extends the power of broadcast television on the web and on every screen

Credit: Seven Network

22 May 2015 – Building on the success of its ground-breaking live, free and exclusive coverage of The Australian Open across broadcast television, mobile, hybrid and online, the Seven Network today unveiled the next stage in the development of its long-term strategy to deliver its market-leading content to all Australians across any connected device. Seven dominated sports coverage across January with its coverage of The Australian Open delivering extraordinary consumer engagement across all delivery platforms and driving growth in television audiences for the Open.

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Mini-review – The Best of Me

The Best of Me is a film by Michael Hoffman based on the Nicholas Sparks best seller of the same name. It stars James Marsden as Dawson and Michelle Monaghan as Amanda. Dawson and Amanda were high school sweethearts before they parted ways and the film focuses on them reconnecting years later at which point Amanda is married with a family.

Like previous Nicholas Sparks books that have been turned into films, we see the usual template emerge. Love, angst and heartbreak.

By the time the film has ended it has all of those areas covered. I haven’t read the book, so I cannot say whether or not the film stays true to it, but if you like romantic dramas then this film will interest you!

2nd AACTA Award Nominees announced

Today the 2nd annual AACTA Award Nominees were announced.

There is a great wide spread of nominees, but The Sapphires topped the feature film categories with 12 nominations with The Burning Man (10 nominations), Lore, Mental and Wish You Were Here (8 nominations each) following closely behind. Continue reading

Lugarno Lions Spring Festival 2010

Today the 31st Lugarno Spring Festival was held at Gannons Park. It was also the reason I couldn’t get to Sydney Theatre Company’s Leviathan at Hurstville today (well last night was due to the flu, today was due to the festival).

The Spring Festival always attracts a big crowd, due to the cars that are on display, rides, show bags, jousting yes jousting, and showjumping displays. As I was leaving, the crowd was definitely approaching the level it is known for. The sun was out, which made it a perfect day for the Festival, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes close to the crowd record that was made last year.

Some pictures I took at the Spring Festival can be accessed via the link below. All credit for them goes to this site.