Apologies folks!


I was locked out of my account and couldn’t post for six months, due to technological issues (not happy Jan, not because I didn’t want to).

As a result, come April, look for a bit of an overhaul of the site, with some of the fan sites closed or merged together in the process.


Fundraiser for The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Just over two weeks left to donate to this fantastic cause.

If anything, the death of my aunt has made me even more determined to reach my target. As one of her conditions was an enlarged heart, that is something that involves The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute research.

Hello again.

I first wandered onto the Internet, before it was even the big old World Wide Web, back in 1993.

During my site’s time, I had to relaunch it back in 2009, when it got hacked into, which ultimately led to changes throughout its history.

Basically, when I created my site years before 2009, it was due to my love of entertainment. But my love for entertainment wavered back and forth quite regularly. 

So bottom line is why am I posting this now?

For multiple reasons really. 

So, at the time when I was about to launch my transcription, note taking and briefing service in October 2019, I lost a dear friend of over 20 years, which made me take time away from the Internet.

This year, I had intended to launch those services at the end of March and then COVID-19 occurred. 

Normally in a case of COVID-19, it would be the perfect time to launch, since that is when everyone would be grabbing onto the services. But due to a pre-agreed contract with the university that I have worked for, for over 15 years, that had to obviously come first.

But now I am almost ready to not only launch my services properly, but also incorporate entertainment and talk in general to the Internet.

So, get ready for this site to come back like a blaze of glory. You will see a lot of the old content has been archived to start afresh. But don’t despair (joking of course), this is where I will be bringing back old content and I mean very old content that goes back to things I even forgot I had created or participated in between 1993 and 2009, some stuff that isn’t even archived on archive.org

Not only will I be incorporating the above-mentioned things, I will also be incorporating new things, including the transcripts to Sam Squiers’ ‘On Her Game’ podcasts.

So, stay tuned, the above things will be happening on this site in the near future!

Podcast – On Her Game Transcripts

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing some transcripts for Sam Squiers’ fantastic new Podcast series “On Her Game”. So the transcripts will be available at Sportette, when they are finished.

The podcasts are available on podcastoneaustralia.com.au and are definitely worth listening to!

Children’s Week – Love Bites Sydney

As this past week was “Children’s Week” in Australia, it reminded me of a fantastic program called “Love Bites” that is available for young people, aged between 11-17 years of age, that primarily concentrates on Sex and Relationships as well as Relationship Violence.

Unfortunately domestic violence and bullying is on the increase in society, so these types of programs are ones that can help educate young people and make them aware of any potential signs that may occur regarding these matters.

If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic program, please visit the following links.

Website: https://www.napcan.org.au/Programs/love-bites/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovebitessydney/